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CAVERNsoft G2 Vision & Direction

"Maintenance is integral to architecture. Architecture is a verb as well as a noun."
- Jean-Louis Bourgeois
TO DO Priority

1=high, 5=low

Todo submitted by Todo currently worked on by Status
Improve udp performance when performance monitoring is turned on 1 Jason Atul users notified in documentation
Run servers in the blocking mode - CAVERN class for a select call? 5 Jason
Check whether specific key exists or not 5 Jason
Handle late joiners - lazy handling or strict locking 1 Jason Atul Testing scheme for remote mutexes with Mike's application
Reconnect() and DisconnectionAlert methods should be part of all higher level classes 5 Jason
Modify CAVERNdb_server so that it knows when to throw away stale keys 5 Jason
Authentication - add security for servers 2 Jason
Add default setting for # of times to cycle through Process() calls consistently across all network classes 5 Jason
Add lock and remote lock of keys in CAVERNdb 5 Jason
Add a way to delete local as well as remote keys 5 Jason
Enhance process() call in CAVERNdb with the option of processing all queued messages until no more exist or a timeout is reached. 5 Jason
Add CAVERN Forward Error Correction class from Ray 1 Jason Eric Ongoing
Limbo0: wrap configuration into an object - Chris Chris done
G2 / Darwin port? 3 Chris Chris Unofficial
Flags for notification messages 4 Chris
Change char* to void* 2 Dave Pape/Naveen Atul
Blocking fetch() in db_client 4 Dave Pape
"constify" message arguments 3 Dave Pape
dbClient process()--what happens when called nested? 5 Dave Pape
Make OK and FAILED constants consistent across all network classes 3 Yongjoo Cho
Get a list of all paths and keys maintained by a client 3 Chris Scharver
Rewrite Parallel TCP classes with CAVERN TCP 3 Jason
Cleanup - move scripts and other include files to sub directories 2 Naveen Josh/Atul Will be completed with configure scripts
WIN CE port 1 Kyoung Atul Testing
Move CAVERN headers relative to a single header file directory and simplify the compile line 3 Dave
Use socketlen_t instead of int for socket calls(new POSIX standard) 3 Dave
Allocate a static buffer for the udp data 3 Dave
CAVERNsoft Reliable UDP class 1 Jason Eric completed - will be integrated into the next release
Use configure to build CAVERNsoft 2 Josh Josh Testing configure scripts
select() for CAVERNnet_socketbase_c class 1 Jason Atul done - integrated into next release version
Assign numerical values to const integers in CAVERNnet_tcpReflector_c.cxx 1 Kyoung Atul done
Add unpackUnsignedLong(unsigned *) and packUnsignedLong(unsigned *) to CAVERNnet_datapack_c 1 Muhammad Atul done
Add packString to CAVERNnet_datapack_c 1 Jason Atul

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