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Flat Wake Rotor Inflow/Wake Velocity Prediction Code

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The prediction of inflow to a helicopter rotor and the wake velocities below and behind are vital to the calculation of airloads on the rotor blades of a helicopter. DOWN is a computer program that assists designers with such predictions.

DOWN was created to implement a flat wake theory, a simple analysis for the calculation of rotor inflow and wake velocities. The analysis essentially treats the rotor wake geometry as rigid without interaction between induced velocities and wake structure. The code will predict three orthogonal incremental components of flow velocity at any point in any plane parallel or perpendicular to the rotor disk. Input to the code is entered interactively through the computer keyboard. The coded version of flat wake theory as implemented in DOWN provides vertical inflow patterns similar to experimental patterns for helicopter flight speeds greater than 60 knots.

DOWN carries the NASA case number LAR-14841. It was originally released as part of the Cosmic collection.
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