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WOSIT: Widget Observation Simulation Inspection Tool

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Java Observation Simulation Inspection Toolkit

JOSIT Graphic Moderators:
Brant Cheikes
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 259
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JOSIT (Java Observation Simulation Inspection Toolkit) is an open Application Programmer's Interface for instrumenting applications written in the Java programming language.

JOSIT seamlessly integrates with any Java application written using Sun Microsystem's standard library of Java graphical objects. JOSIT observes user actions, inspects the state of objects and scripts graphical events. Tools written in other programming languages may communicate with JOSIT via sockets.

Possible Applications of JOSIT include:

  • Logging of interface actions to:
    • Analyze efficiency of tasks
    • Support needed interface changes
    • Automate step by step instructions / User Manual creation
  • Real time user monitoring for:
    • Enabling Intelligent Tutoring systems
      • Intelligent Computer Aided Instruction (ICAI)
      • Computer Based Training (CBT)
      • Intelligent Checklists
    • Synchronization for application sharing

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